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Discover Tanjung Penyabong: Johor’s Hidden Gem for Tranquility and Culture

Feeling drained by the urban hustle and bustle? Tanjung Penyabong in Johor has you covered. Located just 20 kilometers from Mersing Town and a mere 5 kilometers from Endau Town, this haven offers an amazing blend of stunning natural vistas and rich cultural heritage.

Journey to Paradise

Before you set foot in this paradise, the route will captivate you. Expect to see picturesque villages, lush paddy fields, and orchards along the way. Just to note, the journey from Johor Bahru takes approximately 3 hours, and it’s about 2 hours from Kota Tinggi.

History Unveiled

Pasir Lanun Beach is one of Tanjung Penyabong’s most famous spots. Legend has it that the name ‘Penyabong’ comes from a band of pirates who used this location as their haven in the 19th century. This group engaged in planning attacks and cockfighting, which eventually led to the naming of the beach.

The name ‘Penyabong’ refers to a man passionate about cockfighting.

Latest Developments

Exciting news! The state government of Johor has recently revamped Tanjung Penyabong to develop Mersing into a prime regional tourism hub. A plethora of amenities including piers, craft centers, food courts, parking spaces, toilets, and parks are now available for your comfort.

Activities to Engage In

Beyond the visual feast, Tanjung Penyabong also offers various activities like fishing, swimming, picnicking, and snorkeling. Apart from Pasir Lanun Beach, there are other beaches like Pulau Mawar Beach, Teluk Resang Beach, and Teluk Gorek Beach worth your visit.

Culinary Treats

Don’t leave without trying the local specialty, “Seafood Celop Tepung.” Its irresistible flavors will surely have you coming back for more!

“Seafood Celop Tepung” is a Malaysian dish that typically consists of various types of seafood that have been dipped in flour (tepong in Malay) and then deep-fried until they’re golden and crispy. The term “Celop Tepung” essentially means “dipped in flour” in English. The dish can include a variety of seafood such as shrimp, squid, and fish, among others. Once fried, these crispy morsels are usually served with dipping sauces like spicy chili sauce or tartar sauce. The dish is popular for its contrasting textures—crispy on the outside and tender on the inside—and its tantalizing flavors, especially when enjoyed fresh from the fryer.


Tanjung Penyabong is the ideal place for those seeking peace, natural beauty, and unique cultural experiences. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip now!

Accommodation Options:

If you plan to spend the night, here are some chalets and resorts you can consider:

Idaman Permai Resort

Endau Beach Resort

  • Address: Lot 321, Jalan Pasir Lanun, Kampung Penyabong 86900 Endau Johor
  • Phone: 07-7942611
  • WhatsApp: 016-7137004
  • Facebook: Endau Beach Resort

Teluk Penyabong Resort

Penyabong Warisan Resort

  • Address: Lot 500 JP 58/4 Jln. Kg.Baru,, Penyabong, 86900 Endau, Johor
  • Phone: 07-7942455
  • WhatsApp: 017-7226082, 017-7764146
  • Facebook: Penyabong Warisan Resort

Teluk Sari Resort Beach

  • Address: Teluk Sari Beach Resort, Kampung Sisik, Jalan Teluk Sisik, Tanjung Resang, Penyabong 86900 Endau, Johor
  • Phone: 011-40519898
  • Facebook: Teluk Sari Beach Resort

Pasir Lanun Camp & Chalet

  • Address: Lot 1673, Pasir Lanun Penyabong, Endau 86900 Mersing
  • Phone: 013-2908455 / 019-7764778
  • Facebook: Pasir Lanun Camp

Happy Exploring!

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