Chronic Envy: When Desire Shadows Gratitude

Envy is an emotion we’ve all experienced at one point or another; it’s that uncomfortable feeling that creeps up when someone achieves something that we desire. It’s the sinking sensation in your stomach when a neighbor unveils their brand-new car or the pang of longing when a friend shares photos of their luxurious vacation. But when does this fleeting feeling evolve…
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Top 10 Speaker Habits That Annoy Audiences

We’ve all been there – sitting through a speech that feels more like a punishment than an enlightening experience. It’s not just about the content; sometimes, it’s the speaker’s habits that make us want to run for the nearest exit. Here are ten things that speakers do that can turn an engaged audience into a sea of eye rolls and yawns. 1. Monotone Monologues A voice…
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